Software testing has never been easier

To accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises Drvless has been developed to allow for a secure, fast and seamless testing experience for any department. 



To simulate a realistic user interaction, DRVLESS uses computer vision and artificial intelligence enabling the tool to recognizes texts, symbols, buttons, colors, etc. The big advantage over conventional tools is that even if the layout of elements in the front end of your software changes, but the functionality of the elements remains the same, the tool carries out the test, without any changes or adaptations being required.


The Natural Language Processing (NLP) is revolutionizing functional software testing because it provides an intuitive and user-friendly method to create and execute test cases. Thanks to NLP-based test case creation, users can create test cases without any programming knowledge. They simply describe the desired test procedure in natural language, similar to how they would explain it to colleagues. If this description is saved, the test can be started with a simple click on “Run”.

The natural language description significantly simplifies the testing process and makes it accessible even for people who have no experience with traditional programming language. It enables faster and more efficient creation of test cases because the process is primarily focused on the logical structure and business requirements.


Furthermore, the graphical user interface can also be used to design test cases. For this purpose, blocks are plugged together to define the sequence.


The system is technology-agnostic: identical test executions on different platforms, including desktops tablets and smartphones. These are automated in the same way, with no need for specific adjustments. In addition to this the automation is robust meaning it can cope with ongoing changes without adaptations because the changes, for example to the GUI, are recognized by the AI causing the tests to automatically adapt.